Wow Professions Benefits Guide

As many people have come to understand choose your wow professions is not just based on whether you want to make gold but there are beneficial pve and pvp bonuses as well so I wanted to include a list of those bonuses as part of my wow professions guide.

Wow Professions Guide — Profession Benefits


  • Philosopher’s Stone – Acts as a trinket.  Although there are several versions of the stone, the shared effect is 40% increased effect of healing and mana potions on the user.
  • Mixology – Doubles the duration of any elixir or flask used.  Also increased the effect of the elixir though the amount varies between items.
  • Flask of the North – Non-consumable item that provides bonuses comparable to those of other flasks or elixirs however it can be used in arenas.


  • Most noteworthy however is the Blacksmith’s ability to add extra sockets to their bracers and gloves.  For this reason many players combine Jewelcrafting with Blacksmithing.



  • Engineers tend to get a bit shortchanged in this department because many of their gadgets for purely cosmetic such as a portable mailbox etc.  However, they do have the ability to create certain gadgets that attach to their gear (much like an enchant).  These gadges provide a variety of benefits of increased speed all the way to rockets that are fired for damage.


  • Lifeblood – Heal over Time ability.  Heals 2000 HP + 1.5% of max HP at level 450


  • High level Scribes are able to place powerful enchants on their shoulder items.  This saves them from the pain of grinding Hodir rep.
  • Characters are also able to use a Scroll of Recall which acts as an extra hearth stone.


  • Jewelcrafters are able to create BoP items only the can wear.
  • More importantly, Jewelcrafters can create gems only they can wear that are 40% more powerful than other epic gems.  They can wear up to 3 at one time.  This equates to wearing roughly two extra epic gems.  You can see a list of Jewelcrafter only designs here.


  • Leatherworking allows a character to augment their own bracers and leg armor in place of an enchant.  Leg enchantments are usually done through Leatherworking anyway but the Leatherworker only version is much cheaper while being equal in power.


  • Toughness – Passive ability which increases your based stamina.  Increases Stamina by 60 at 450 skill.


  • Tailors are able to create Tailor only mounts including flying carpets.
  • Tailors, like leatherworkers, can provide themselves cheap leg enchants which are equal in power to more expensive enchants.
  • Tailors gain access to a variety of powerful cloak enchants.
  • Tailors gain the Scavenging ability which allows them to find extra cloth drops off of downed mobs.


  • Master of Anatomy – Passive ability which increased your critical strike rating.  At 450 critical strike rating is increased by 40.

Just a last couple of things about this Wow professions guide.

I decided to add this benefits section into the Wow Professions Guide because it seems to be missing from most I’ve seen.  I hope that you find it helpful and please let me know if there is anything I can add to it.

I’ve designed this Wow professions guide to give you all the information you’ll need to pick a wow profession.  I can’t tell you which is the best because it all depends on your character, spec, style of play, etc.  Just know this, I only created this wow professions guide after leveling every one of these professions, most more than once.

If you would like to see me create a wow professions guide that focuses more on pvp professions or pve professions just leave some feedback and I can work something up for you!

St. Patrick’s Day Update

Hey everyone and again thanks for stopping by wow professions  I have been working diligently to transfer the information from my old site to the new one but I am also changing the overall look at the same time so it’s not quite as simple as a copy and paste job.  I expect to have all of the wow professions guides up and going no later than this time next week.

For right now I have completed the wow professions guide on Alchemy and the 1-300 versions of the guides for most all of the primary professions.  I encourage you to check those out to get things started.

I am looking forward to any feedback and any suggestions you have that would help to improve wow professions so please don’t be shy in letting me know what you think.  Ok, that’s it for now but happy hunting!

I Saw a Wow Professions Guide for Sale

Have you ever heard the saying that you get what you pay for? Hey, I sold cars for a living once upon a time and I used that line all the time but when it comes to a Wow professions guide I disagree. I mean what exactly could a paid guide give you that I don’t? I have seen the wow professions guides that sell for 30 or 40 bucks and if you want to try em I can’t stop you but I think you’re wasting your money. I toyed with the idea of selling my guide as well and even had a graphic designer build a ebook cover and put it in PDF format. Then I decided after 10 years of selling people stuff I just wanted to give something free.

I am tired of selling. I have done it over the phone, I’ve done it in person, and I’ve even done it over the internet. I am just straight up fed up with it. I am going to give to you the BEST damn wow professions guide I can and it won’t cost you a DIME! If other guide owners don’t like it, well they will just have to give you more value for your money.

Why Did I Build Wow Professions

I know a lot of people are and will wonder why I built a site that is only meant to give away a free Wow professions guide so let me try to clear that up. I built my first site dedicated to Wow back in 2008 and it started as a review site that then evolved into a full size wow professions guide as well. The problem was, it wasn’t designed for that purpose.

My old site was never set up to be a wow professions guide and the more I thought about it the more it bugged me. So, one day out of curiosity I checked and the domain wow professions guide was available. Never in a million years did I think it would be but it was and so I jumped on it.

But, James, what is in it for you? Hey, another fair question. Rather than build a site that is totally aimed at trying to sell you some useless crap I will reap reward in the way of advertising. So, you see, in this way it is a double win.

I won’t ask you to buy anything and I won’t post a million links telling you how great some piece of crap guide is. I’ll just give you everything I can give you about Wow professions FREE and hope that in return you will help me out by bookmarking the site and telling all your friends about it.

I will tell you this though, this wow professions guide was born out of hard work. I have played Wow since October 2005. I remember because a friend at my job got me hooked and that was when I started the job. I’ve played just about every class and have leveled every profession (most more than once) so I know what I’m talking about. But, guess what, since this website allows for comments if you have a better way to do something you can tell me and I’ll investigate and make any necessary changes!

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Hey I’m James,

First off, thanks for stopping by my newest site dedicated to a Free version of a Wow professions guide. Here you are going to find loads of free information on the fastest and cheapest ways to level your Wow professions from 1 -450. This Wow professions guide has taken me more than a year to complete and I hope that you will get as much out of it as I expect. I will also be releasing a version of the Wow profession guide that you can download absolutely free as well. I don’t know if you’ve caught on to the theme yet but this site is all about FREE!

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