Volatile air farming uldum

This is by far the best place to farm volatile air the drop rate is a little less than twillight but you don’t have the risk of pulling to many mobs at once and to be honest they alot easier to find unlike twilight highlands where you always mount up and fly around for a while. anyway this place in uldum as a decent drop rate decent respawn time and the mobs are level 83 with 53k hp which means you can pull extra mobs with ease and another great thing about this spot is it is farmed alot less than twilight more volatiles for you.
click here to watch me farming this spot

 you need to been killing mobs called Scion of AL’akir in the orsis area


If you would like to farm Twilight highlands for your volatile air then here is the spot the have decent drop rate but a bit of a pain in the arse to find you constantly dodging mobs you dont want to farm. also if your farming in twilight for your volatile air the you should pop in for the volatile fire pools in the area click here

 You need to be killing mobs called Enslaved Tempest  the respawn time on them isnt so good but the chance to drop is a little higher than uldum

Twilight Highlands+volatile+air

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