Volatile fire farming spots

Here is a great spot for farming volatile fires and earning a decent amount of gold all you need is a fishing rod and every catch =  gold gold gold, so every catch your going to get 1-2 volatile fires i hear people saying they don’t get them every time remember to cast into the pool and not outside the pool that way you will always loot up volatile fire. the pools take between 5-10 minutes to spawn if you want to loot more volatile fire while waiting for the respawns you can kill the Enslaved Inferno’s
so the spot is located in Twilight Highlands Cannon’s Inferno
to watch the video of me farming this spot click here

Here is another spot in Mount Hyjal which is my favorite because fewer people farm here and more pools to fish up volatiles the mobs are elite so if your not level 85 you might have some problems here, if you are level 85 you should be able to kill them no problem.

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