Volatile water farming spot

 This is by far my best spot to farm volatile water location uldum all the fish schools have a nice chance to drop volatiles. You will be fishing up  volatile water and plenty of fish so if your a seller you should earn some decent gold from this spot


This spot for volatile water farming is pretty cool alot of mobs to kill and respawn time is so good they back up faster than you nuked them down, they are a few good spots in twilight highlands to farm volatile water but first lets look at the mobs that drop them the first spot is just to the left of the horde base the drop rate isnt the best to be fair.
You need to be killing mobs called Muddied Water Elemental they are level 84 with 70k hp

Twilight Highlands+volatile+water+1

here is another good spot for volatile water in twilight highlands i use the place alot myself for the fish also the schools in twilight have a good chance to drop volatile waters =) so i do fishing and killing in this spot you will be fishing the Highlands guppy fish schools in the spot and killing the Enslaved Waterspout you will probably get more volatiles from the schools as you do in the location.
enjoy and comment if you liked the spot.

Twilight Highlands+volatile+water+fishing

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