Icethorn Farming Route

To farm Icethorn we will be heading over to The Storm Peaks and following the same route to farm for lichbloom on your journey you should find many lichbloom and many Icethorn along with some ore veins.

To be able to farm Icethorn you will need a Herablism skill of 435 this herbs also drop in Icecrown, Wintergrasp, Utgarde Pinnacle, The Oculus and Zul’Drak. and is most commonly used in professions such as Alchemy and Inscription.

When farming Icethorn you have a chance to loot Crystallized Life and Frost Lotus which both sell very well on the auction house and used alot to level Professions Into high lich King content.

Here is the route we have tried and tested for you guys and we are very happy with our results.


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