Stormvine farming route

Stormvine can be a tricky herb to gather as it doesn’t spawn a lot in one certain place but we did test all the locations we know it spawns and test them to see which was the most rewarding and it turned out to be Mount Hyjal compared to the other locations Abyssal Depths, Shimmering Expanse and Kelp’Thar Forest Mount Hyjal turn out to be alot more rewarding so we put together a route for you guys. To be able to loot Stormvine you will need a Herbalism skill of 425 and a flying mount is recommended.
Mount Hyjal also as great places for farming Volatile Earth , Pristine Hide and as a great fishing spot for Volatile Fire.

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When farming Stormvine you will have a chance to loot Volatile Life and Lifegiving seed.


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