World of Warcraft Cities as Real-World Street Names in Canada

Silvermoon 930x476 1
Silvermoon 930x476 1

Some sort of fairly impossible imagination about going to one of the places in the World of Warcraft almost constantly comes to my mind. Silvermmon, Ashenvale, and Stormwind are only a few of the many places in the WoW I badly want to include on my bucket list. It’s silly, I know. But hey! Some people actually brought my imagination to reality! It turns out I’m not the only one who’s got such silly imagination.

In Canada, a new subdivision was built with rather weird (for non-WoW players) yet cool street names. The street names are Stormwind, Ashenvale, Silvermoon, Winterspring, and Raven’s Wood, which are all from the World of Warcraft. Some may think it’s just a kind of coincidence or something, but come on. There are five WoW places together in one place! That’s no coincidence!

Venturebeat, the company owner of the subdivision, seems to have hired developers who happen to be avid fans of World of Warcraft. The coolest plot twist would be the owner himself is a hardcore WoW player and fan! Now that says it all.

This just goes to show how popular World of Warcraft has become around the entire globe. Now, it is not just a kind of a pastime game people play every single day. It has now become a street you can take a stroll on when you’re having a bad day. If you’re in Canada, that is.

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