World of Warcraft to Get Gnome Hunters, Mechanical Pets


Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is still a big player in the gaming industry. But there’s a big question that is bugging lots of fans and players of the quirky and fascinating race of Gnomes in this increasingly popular game: Why can’t the Gnomes play as Hunters?

True, there are perhaps other bigger things that the developers of Blizzard might be doing, and maybe there can be other more significant queries in the gaming sphere as well—such as “When will we get the remake of the sought-after Final Fantasy VII,” which already received an answer last June. But still, the idea that Gnomes are not able to shoot rifles, run around, and tame pets is a rather controversial one for WoW gamers.
The good news to all WoW fanatics is that Blizzard has seemingly heard all of your pleas. This is probably because the game’s subscription range has recently hit a 9-year low last August. They’ve lost roughly 1.5 million of gamers in the 2nd fiscal quarter of the company. Or perhaps Blizzard is somehow trying to establish the momentum for the game’s 6th major expansion this 2016—Legion.
Gnome Hunters will be up officially when Legion enters. While they’re a race which does not seem to be totally rooted in nature, with their inclination in building their very own equipment-filled sections, they are really good in creating those sorts of quirky yet advanced weapons.
According to Blizzard’s recent announcement, this whole new addition to the game is nearly ready to be released. The creative and skilled gnomes are about to start breaking out and beating the scene. Their cool and impressive knack for highly advanced weaponry such as highly powered rifles, rocket launchers, and death rays enable them to become the perfect means of hunting preys down.
Hunters, as you may have known, can tame animals in the game and can use these newly found pets to join their arsenal of offensive abilities. Gnomes are intended to play along with a whole new pet family which Blizzard is already planning to incorporate to the scene: Mechanical pets.
According to Blizzard, most of the mechanical pets are challenging to tame since it initially requires you to locate them and use your hunter capabilities in a highly unusual way. As usual, they won’t make things easy for players as it could defeat the purpose of hard-core, challenge-filled gaming.  As for the mechanical pets, a rare mechanostrider would need you to make a special punch card which lets you access a closed part of Gnomeregan. Once you get successful in locating the clockwork creature, you will need to learn overloading its circuits. You have to solve the challenging puzzle, and if you become successful in figuring it out, you can finally have this awesome mechanized minion walking with you all the way.

Many gamers are starting to feel the excitement of this whole new advancement in the game. Those who have always looked forward to more powerful gnomes are bound to get back to the game, and beat it with a much higher propensity.

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