Riverbud Farming – Quickest Farming Routes (8.1.5) Updated

inv blacksmith demonsteelstirrups
Welcome to my Riverbud WoW Farming Guide, I have been testing a few routes to find which is the best location to use, After some farming in different zone here’s what I found.
Farming Riverbud around waters edge, For example, Around the Coast line or following rivers are your best places to be searching.

Gathering riverbud gives the option to unlock Profession Ranks to improve the amount loot received and gathering speed, Very useful. Each rank you earn via completing quests will allow you to gather riverbud more Effectively.

  • Rank 1 Is Learnt from your Herbalism trainer at Daz’Alor / Boralus.
  • Rank 2 is a reward from Emergency Transplants. You will only be able to unlock this quest when your herbalism skill reaches 50, once you hit 50 Visit your Herbalism trainer.
  • Ranks 3 is a reward from the quest Breaking The Food Chain. Once your Herbalism profession skill is at 145, Visit your Herbalism trainer at Daz’Alor / Boralus.
riverbud ranks
Speed up farming in wow and skip the fights when gathering herbs, Firstly you can buy a Sky Golem from the auction house. Have one made they are a bit pricey, If you’re going to be gathering herbs a lot they are worth the investment. Not looking to spend that much Gold? inv blacksmith demonsteelstirrups[Monel-Hardened Stirrups] will allow you to stay mounted while gathering Herbs.
Secondly enchant your Gloves with a Herb gathering enchant, Which will increase the speed you gather.  inv misc enchantedscroll
Use a Sky Golem or Monel-Hardened Stirrups and a Herb Gathering Enchant together and you will be running around farming like crazy you’ll be to fast for mobs to catch you on your mount.
A enchant increases gathering speed, will let you pick up the herbs before the angry mobs can attack and dismount you.
Gathering a lot? Add-ons for all things gathering in World of Warcraft are highly recommended Gathermate2 & WoWGatheringNodes.

Gathermate2 –  Add-on Tracks and stores location of HerbsOres, Treasures, Gas Clouds, Fishing Schools, Dig Sites. Then displays them on your map/mini map for easy gathering.

WoWGatheringNodes – Add-on is a data base compiled of all the node locations found in wow UPDATED for Battle of Azeroth.

Gathermate2 and WOWGatheringNodes combined provides you with a massive in game Advantage. You import all the data from WGN into Gathermate2 and Bam. Your maps will be glittered with all the Herb and Ore locations for Battle For Azeroth. Then you can plan your own farming routes.

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The Best Place For Riverbud Farming – Nazmir

Nazmir is hands down the best zone in wow to farm riverbud. Follow the route  I highlighted and you’ll be pumping out alchemy flasks in no time. Not recommended a start point for this route simply because you just jump on anywhere and follow it around
Riverbud farming in Nazmir

Riverbud Gathering route – Tiragarde Sound

This route nearly took the top spot but it lacked a higher number of herb spots, however its still a very good route. I recommend you try it out.  Sea Stalk, and some Siren’s Pollen will be on this route as well.
Riverbud Gathering route - Tiragarde Sound

Riverbud Farming route Zuldazar

Zuldazar Is one of the routes to farm but its Not the best for Riverbud Farming, However, I think it’s worth a mention.
Start at the location the big blue arrow is point to and follow the route north all the way around until you reach back where you started.
Riverbud Farming route Zuldazar

Farming Route – Stormsong Valley

This route in Stormsong valley for riverbud is one of the lower spawn rates but if you are in the area it as some nice little farming spots you can run around in a minute or so.

Farming Route - Stormsong Valley

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