Sea Stalk Farming, 5 Best Routes to Farm Sea Stalk (8.1.5) Updated

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In this Sea Stalk farming guide I will go over all the most popular routes in world of warcraft, I will focus on gathering Sea Stalk, however in the guides you will find other herbs.

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Sea Stalk Farming Route Nazmir

This is the best route I have tested for Sea stalk, However, it can be heavily farmed by other herbers. On this route you will also find some Riverbud and it’s not half bad for some Anchor Weed

Stormsong Valley Route

This route focuses on Sea Stalk not many other herbs to gather on this one. So if you are after only sea stalk is a good route.

This little route as a high sea stalk spawn rate but it’s only good if you have flying which a lot of people don’t.


 This one I use when farming sea stalk while waiting for daily dungeon. You can run the red route and gather all the herbs then take the flight path on the blue route and start again.


 Again another route tou can run then take the flight path can to the start. May also find some Riverbud and a little anchor weed and this farming route.


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