Siren’s Pollen Farming – 4 Best Routes(8.1.5) Updated

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Welcome to my WoW Farming guide for Sirens Pollen, I have put together the best routes I could find in wow to make gathering this herb a lot easier for you guys.
While Farming, it’s important to remember if you want to increase the amount you loot dramatically, take a quick look below, while loot Siren’s Pollen there is a chance to spawn mobs. I will go into them in more detail below.
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Rank 1 – You can pick up right away from your herbalism trainer Daz’Alor / Boralus.
Rank 2 – you will receive when you complete the quest Learn From the Best. You will receive the quest while farming siren’s pollen.[Dead Pollen-Covered Bee] Your herbalism skill needs to be a minimum of 50, however, the quest isn’t a 100% drop chance.
Rank 3 – A reward for completing the quest Pollen Punching. You receive the quest when you gather just one [Disgustingly Damp Flower] while gathering Siren’s Pollen, Again the drop chance isn’t 100% just keeping questing until you pick it up then visit your trainer., you will not be able to loot the quest until your herbalism skill is 140 or above, keep in mind.

Siren's pollen ranks
Speed up farming in wow and skip the fights when gathering herbs, Firstly you can buy a Sky Golem from the auction house or have one made they are a bit pricey, If you’re going to be gathering herbs a lot they are worth the investment. Not looking to spend that much Gold? Monel-Hardened Stirrups will allow you to stay mounted while gathering Herbs.
Secondly enchant your Gloves with a Herb gathering enchant, Which will increase the speed you gather.  Enchant Gloves – Zandalari Herbalism or Enchant Gloves – Kul Tiran Herbalism use a second pair of gloves you can just throw in your bags.
Use a Sky Golem or Monel-Hardened Stirrups and a Herb Gathering Enchant together and you will be running around farming like crazy you’ll be to fast for mobs to catch you on your mount.

A enchant increases gathering speed, will let you pick up the herbs before the angry mobs can attack and dismount you.

Pollen-Coated Drone Kul Teras

pollen coated drone

Gathering Siren’s Pollen in Kul Teras, Which includes the Zones Drustvar, Stormsong Valley and Teragarde Sound. They are very easy to kill with only 44k health
While gathering it as a chance to spawn and will be a guaranteed Siren’s Pollen drop between 7-11 pieces.

Pollen-Coated Swarm in Zandalar

Pollen coated swarm wow
The pollen-coated swarm spawn while gathering Siren’s Pollen in Zandalar zones, Vol’Dun, Nazmir and Zuldazar.
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Again, will drop between 7 and 11 Sirens Pollen.
Also, as the same HP Pool as the Pollen Coat Drone, 44k.

Best Routes to Farm Siren’s Pollen

The first route is in Tiragarde sound, This as the biggest spawn rate in BFA for sirens pollen, but you will also be able to farming Winters Kiss along the foot of the mountains, A few Sea stalk along the shore edge and Farm Riversbud along the river channels.
This Zone is in Kul Teras so while looting you have a chance to spawn Pollen-coated Drone which as a 100% chance to drop between 7-11 pollens.
Kennings lodge as the better spot for just Siren’s Pollen
Siren's Pollen farming route

Route in Drustvar

Another good route and the one I use is often is the one in Drustvar as a good spawn rate for other herbs as well. The small route highlighted in red is for when the main route (bigger red route) is full of farmers. And the green one is for when you have gathered the herbs around Grimson Forest.
On the main route you can also gather sea stalk along the shore edge, also a few Riverbud along river channels but not many. The green route is good for gathering Winter’s Kiss and Anchor weed.
Drustvar is in Kul Tera so Pollen Coated Drone as a chance to spawn
siren's pollen farming route drustvar

Zuldazar route nice and straight

This route offers a lot of Riverbud, Star Moss herbs, however the Siren’s Pollen count here is OK but not as high as the other 2 images above high so its worth a mention. This route is in Zandalar so you have a chance to spawn a Pollen Coated Swarm.
siren's pollen farming route zuldazar

 Nazmir Siren’s Pollen Route

The route in Nazmir is also another good one like most zones in BFA its spawn rate for other herbs including Riverbud, Sea Stalk, Anchor Weed and Star Moss.
If you don’t have flying yet be careful of the road marked with the blue arrow there are a lot of elites charging out from the Heart of Darkness. This route as a lot of star moss in the ruins to left side. The Riverbud also spawns a lot here in the river channels. Anchor weed you may find a few spawns near Zuljan Ruins. Also has chance to spawn Pollen Coated Swarm make sure to kill it to get extra loot.
Nazmir Siren's Pollen Farming Route

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