Star Moss Farming Routes 3 Best Places in WoW (8.1.5) Updated

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Welcome to my Star Moss Farming guide, I have put together 3 of the best routes in wow that I could find. I have tested all of them to farm this her. Remember while gathering that star moss Spawns on walls and builds and can be a bit tricky to find.

Star Moss Ranks
  • Rank 1 Can be obtained by visiting your trainer Daz’Alor / Boralus
  • Rank 2 is obtained by completing the quest here in spirit, once your herbalism skill is at 50 you can get the quest from your trainer
  • Rank 3 you will get star moss rank 3 when you complete the quest ghost busting Visit your trainer when your herbalism skill is 140 or higher to obtain.

The Best Star Moss Farming Route Vol’Dun

Nice quick little route for star moss gather one of the most rewarding in my opinion. It’s primarily Star moss on the path maybe the odd anchor weed if your lucky, However, this route can be pretty busy with other farmers looking for star moss because it is the highest spawn rate.

Another route you might consider and I have seen it farmed a lot. I like this Star moss Farming path because its no messing about route. I have marked with the green star is a flight master. So you just fly in then you are already on the Farming route, Little of riverbud farming here as well.


Star Moss Farming Route Drustvar

This is a nice little route it’s not as good as the other two for star moss but there is some Siren’s Pollen and if your lucky can find a few Anchor weeds on this route.

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