Lightless silk farming Guide (updated 2021)

revendreth shrouded cloth farming

Just like shrouded cloth farming for lightless silk farming you will be farming humanoid NPCs. Most of the mobs in this guide have a chance to drop between 1-5 lightless silk per kill

Making sure to utilise the Tailoring perk shadowlands cloth scavenging. Having the tailoring profession will increase the amount farmed by up to 400%

Farming shadowlands cloth to make gold. For instance if your max level 60 with tailoring profession and your tailoring is at max level. You can use the farming locations to make a lot of wow gold. At profession level 15 you can craft 30 slot bags. Farming the locations below will give you large amounts of  lightless silk and shrouded cloth. Which you can use to craft the legendary items to sell on the auction house.

The first locations is it revendreth, not only will you be farming a shed load of cloth. You also have a chance of epic boe drop to sell on the auction house.

Revendreth Lightless silk farming

Revendreth is hands down the best place to farm if you will be flipping legendary’s on the auction house. This is the spot, however there are a few thing to take into account. First being level 60 and using group finder to maximise your drops.

The legendary flip just head to one of the locations below I strongly recommend a group finder location either revendreth or Bastion. Spend a good hour or two farming cloth in the group then use all the shrouded cloth and lightless silk cloth to graft legendaries to flip on the auction. I will be writing a in depth guide on this shortly.

Selling or disenchanting the green items

You can just scrap all the green items at the vendor. however there are 2 green trinkets that drop from here. Which you can sell on the auction house for 1.2k gold. I listed 2 of them and sold one within a couple of hours.  The second trinket the next days so not bad going if you ask me.

Alternatively you may even send them them to a alt to disenchant, i have not done this method. However taking a quick look at the price of dust on my realm. It doesn’t seem very profitable.

Crafting the legendarys with tailoring you will only need 100 shrouded cloth and 15 enchanted lightless silk the other materials can be bough from the NPC in capitol citys.

Leveling 60 recommended epic Boe drop chance

To maximise the amount of lightless silk farmed . Open up group finder by pressing I then go to premade groups > Custom > in the search bar type 2×4 or BOE. This will show you all the groups farming this spot looking for Epic Drops or farming for cloth. Click to join one and make your way there. By farming in a group you get to loot 5 x the mobs increasing cloth drops and epic drop chance

group finder for lightless silk farming
revendreth lightless silk farming location

lightless silk farming locations in bastion via group finder

Another awesome place to farm cloth for the legendary flip is in bastion. which I will highlight below same process as the Revendreth. Join a group finder group.

Three best farming location in ardenweald

Ardenweald zone in shadowlands is brilliant for farming lightless cloth and shrouded cloth here are 3 of the best ones I have found so far.

Blue Location – the mobs here Blighted Fadeblade and Masked Soulsplitter. They respawn at a rapid rate so you always have something to pull with very little down time

Red Location  Vicious Spriggan and Vicious Spriggan again another good Shrouded cloth farming spot plenty to kill here

Green Location  Rotbriar Tormentor and Rotbriar Trickster again very very fast respawn time so always something to kill

Ardenweald Cloth farming guide

How do I farm lightless silk

You can farm lightless silk by killing and looting Humanoid NPCs in shadowlands. Any Humanoid NPC as 20% chance to drop lightless silk. However a much higher drop chance if you have Tailoring profession for Shadowlands which unlocks the perk shadowlands cloth scavenging .

Where can I buy Lightless silk

You can buy lightless silk from any of the auction houses located in capitol cities, Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Ironforge, Silvermoon. On my server they sell for around 60g each. Farming for lightless silk is a much cheap alternative. Using the Revendreth farming guide above I gathered 524 lightless silk within 1 hour 30 minutes. Which if sold would on made roughly 21000 gold.

Where can I farm lightless silk

Lightless silk can be obtained in all the new shadowlands zones, Ardenweald, Bastion, Revendreth, Maldraxxus and The Maw. It can also be farmed from instances, Dungeons, Raids, Scenarios and world quests.

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