Shrouded Cloth Farming guide (9.0.2) Epic BoE

Ardenweald shrouded cloth farming location

Here I’m going to dive into 5 of the best places in the new shadowlands expansion. to bring you the best shrouded cloth farming locations. you can follow this cloth farming guide while levelling or at max level 60. Two of the farming spots have a chance to drop Epic BOE items which sell on the auction for over 150K.

Do Tailors Get More Cloth Shadowlands?

To increase the amount of Cloth you loot from mobs please make sure you have tailoring profession. Which gives you the profession perk Shadowland Cloth Scavenging. This perk increases the amount of cloth you loot per mob and can increase your yield by up to 400%

Where can I farm Shrouded cloth

  • Maldraxxus
  • Revendreth
  • Bastion
  • Ardenweald
  • The Maw
  • Dungeons
  • Raids
  • Instances
  • World Quests

Any of the new World of Warcraft Shadowlands locations you can farm shrouded cloth via killing and looting Humanoid NPCs. However some farming locations have higher drop chances than others. We have listed the most rewarding locations below.

To increase the amount you gather pick up the Shadowlands Tailoring profession to receive the perk shadowlands cloth scavenging

Best shrouded Cloth Farming Locations.

The first farming spot is Revendreth you can use this one while levelling because the mobs scale with your current level but level 60 is still recommended. The mobs here are neutral so you will need to tag them in order to start farming. But it does make sure you don’t over pull to many mobs.

Just tag what you know you can handle each time. here you will be killing Beleaguered ExcavatorsExcavation EnforcersNefarious Thugs, and Nefarious Collectors. most of them have HP of below 10k but Excavation Enforcers have a hp pool of 23k some be mindful when pulling them.

shrouded cloth farming while leveling

Cloth Farming Location in Ardenweald 3 spots in one

Ardenweald as some of the best Shrouded cloth farming location in wow. So If you can handle pulling 10-12 mobs at a time then your in business with this next spot. With all the mobs here you have a chance to farm lightless silk.

Blue Location – the mobs here Blighted Fadeblades and Masked Soulsplitters. They respawn at a rapid rate so you always have something to pull with very little down time

Red Location  Vicious Spriggan and Vicious Spriggan again another good Shrouded cloth farming spot plenty to kill here

Green Location  Rotbriar Tormentors and Rotbriar Tricksters again very very fast respawn time so always something to kill

Shrouded cloth Farming Revendreth and Epic Drop Chance level 60 only

Leveling 60 recommended epic Boe drop chance

to maximise the amount of cloth you get. Open up group finder by pressing I then go to premade groups > Custom > in the search bar type 2×4 or BOE. This will show you all the groups farming this spot looking for Epic Drops or farming for cloth. Click to join one and make your way there. By farming in a group you get to loot 5 x the mobs increasing cloth drops and epic drop chance

shrouded cloth farming with groupfinder

To get to this farming spot fly to the flight master menagerie of the Master, Revendeth located near the Sanguine Depths. Run towards the dungeon then turn left when you see the rumble then turn left again and take the stairs follow the stairs to the top and there you go. This farming spot is one of my favourites and as a good chance to drop the Epic BOEs. You will also gather a lot of Lightless Silk from here which sell every well on the auction house on my server Chamber of Aspects EU.

Revendreth shrouded Cloth Farming Spot

Shroud Cloth gathering in Bastion with Epic Boe drop chance level 60 only

So Here is another one of the amazing farming location. I use a lot and you can find this one in Bastion just like the one above in revendeth. Use group finder to find a group to increase the amount of shroud cloth you gather. Here you will be farming a lot of shrouded cloth lightless silk and epic boes from the mobs. Darkvowed Recruit, Gracefallen Tactician which as a chance to drop between 1-6 shrouded cloth and 1-3 lightless silk per mob.

Shrouded cloth farming in bastion

All of the farming spot here are the best I have found. If you happen to stumble upon a location in shadowlands you think should be featured on this guide then please consider leaving a comment. I would love to hear from you guys about the farming spots

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