Death Blossom Farming Routes Patch 9.0.2 (Updated 2021)

Ardenweald vigil's torch and death blossom farming route

Below I have put together some of the best Death blossom Farming routes in World of Warcraft shadowlands Patch (9.0.2).

In the post I will be going over the best farming routes for deathblossom in all the zones.

Where can I Farm Herbs in Shadowlands

You can farm herbs in all the new Shadowlands zones. However most of the herbs in Shadowlands have a native zone they only spawn in. Below is a list of herbs and there native zones.

  • Widowbloom
  • Vigil’s Torch
  • Marrowroot
  • Rising Glory
  • Death Blossom
  • Nightshade
  • Where can I Farm Death Blossom

    Death blossom Spawns in all the new World of Warcraft Shadowlands zones. But it doesn’t have a native zone, As a result it shares spawn locations with other herbs in shadowlands. This can work out very well, because if you need Rising Glory and Death Blossom to craft a flask then you would farm in Bastion, because Rising Glory is native to bastion and death blossom shares a spawn point with it.

    Where do I learn Shadowlands herbalism?

    To learn Herbalism in Shadowlands travel to Oribos and speak with Selector Au’mar (40,39). The trainer there located in The Halls of Shape. All the new Profession trainers for shadowlands are located here in the Halls of Shape.

    Herbalism Trainer Location

    Ways to boost your Herb farming

    The amount herbs you gather per node/spawn is determined by your current herbalism skill. Changed from previous expansions where it was determined by rankings gathering a certain herb.

    However, if your just starting to level herbalism you can purchase Herbalist’s Shade from Distributor Au’til in oribos near the mining trainer. Which increases your herbalism by 10 as long as you have it within your bags.

    How to farm herbs while mounted

    Sky Golem This is the best Mount in the game for farming. It increases your ground speed by 100% and allows you to gather without dismounting. Combine this with Enchant Gloves – Shadowlands Gathering and your a herb gathering machine.

    Now gathering Deathblossom isn’t so bad. If your a Druid class you can loot in travel form so no need for the skygolem.

    Last but not least if the class that you farm with as a tank spec. You should activate tank spec while farming this will stop you from getting dazed.

    Alternatively you can equip this to your mount equipment slot Comfortable Rider’s Barding which is grafted by leatherworkers. This works the same as being in tank spec.

    While farming for Deathblossom you will be looting other herbs. Depending on which zone you are in.

    Bastion Death blossom farming routes

    Farming for Death blossom in bastion as got to be the best in my opinion, it’s pleasant, easy on the eyes and a lot of the mobs there are passive. really speeding up gathering herbs. its also where Rising Glory spawns which is the second highest value herb on my realm. Bastion also as a brilliant cloth farming location which you can check out here Shrouded Cloth Farming

    Death blossom and rising glory farming route

    Best Death blossom farming in Maldraxxus

    While gather in Maldraxxus you will be Farming Marrowroot to gather death blossom. This isn’t my favourite route, because the mobs there are pretty hostile and roam in packs, as a result if you pull one mob you also aggro other mobs and this just slows the whole farming process down. But there is a hyper spawn location there, however you’ll need the mining profession to activate it.

    Marrowroot route and Death blossom farming

    This is the hyper spawn route for Death Blossom and Marrowroot but in order to activate it you must have mining. What you do is run around the location marked below farming anything that spawns, once you gathered that another herb or ore node will spawn within the highlighted area. I strongly recommend a sky golem or druid travel foam here.

    This will be patched soon

    Marrow root and death blossom route

    Death blossom farming in Ardenweald

    The Ardenweald farming route, another one of my favourites because the easy going gathering style. here you can also farm Vigil’s Torch herb which is native to ardenweald. I have tried to make a route for you that isn’t to hostile. bare in mind that near the dungeon entrance to Mists of Tirna Scithe it can get a bit overwhelming at times if your not geared with some Elites roaming there.

    Ardenweald vigil’s torch and death blossom farming route

    Death blossom farming in Revendreth

    Revendreth as got to be my worse Death Blossom farming location in World of Warcraft at the moment, maybe that will change when we can fly.

    but one good thing to come out of this is that while gathering here you have a chance to loot Widowbloom, which is native to Revendreth. Best Location in wow at the moment for Lightless Silk farming 300 per hour and 1500 shroud cloth.

    farming route revendreth

    Conclusion all the routes here will give you good amount of herbs. I recommend bastion the most then follow by ardenweald.

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