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marrowroot farming

Welcome to my Marrowroot farming Guide updated for shadowlands patch (9.0.2). We have put together a handful of the best gathering locations we could find. To bring them to you guys  to make life a bit easier.

Deathblossom and nightshade shares a spawn location with Marrowroot and all herbs on shadowlands. While farming the routes below you may loot deathblossom or nightshade.

As you are all probably aware Marrowroot only spawns in the Maldraxxus zone in Shadowlands. The good news is that in shadowlands you can gather any Herb with a Herbalism skill of 1, good right? However the downside to that, your skill level determines the amount you can loot per node/spawn.

For example you have a skill level of 10-20 you may only farm 1-3 Marrowroots, with a skill level of 130-150 you might gather anywhere between 3-9 herbs per spawn/node This now goes for all Gathering Professions in world of warcraft shadowlands.

Where do I learn Shadowlands Herbalism

To learn Herbalism in Shadowlands travel to Oribos and speak with Selector Au’mar (40,39). The trainers located in The Halls of Shape. All the new Profession trainers for shadowlands are located here in the Halls of Shape.

herb trainer

Where do I farming Marrowroot?

Marrowroot is native to Maldraxxus the Shadowlands zone and only spawns there.

While gathering Marrowroot you have a chance to come across Nightshade and Death blossom. They both share a spawn point with Marrowroot

You have a 45% chance for a Marrowroot node to spawn as a Death blossom and around 3% for it to spawn as Nightshade.

Where can I Farm Herbs in Shadowlands

You can farm herbs in all the new Shadowlands zones. However most of the herbs in Shadowlands have a native zone they only spawn in. Below is a list of herbs and there native zones.

  • widowbloom s Widowbloom – only Spawns in Revendreth
  • vigilstorch s Vigil’s Torch – only Spawns in Ardenweald
  • marrowroot s Marrowroot – only Spawns in Maldraxxus
  • risingglory s Rising Glory – Only spawns in Bastion
  • deathblossom s e1613873588272 Death Blossom – Spawns in all Zones
  • nightshade s Nightshade – The Maw and all Zones
  • Ways to boost your Herb farming

    Sky Golem This is the best Mount in the game for herb gathering. It increases your ground speed by 100% and allows you to gather without dismounting. Combine this with Enchant Gloves – Shadowlands Gathering and your a herb gathering machine.

    Now gathering marrowroot in maldraxxus isn’t so bad, its pretty hostile there. If your a Druid you can loot in travel form so no need for the skygolem. Last but not least if the class that you farm with as a tank spec. You should activate tank spec while farming this will stop you from getting dazed. While half of Maldazzus chases you. alternatively you can equip this to your mount slot Comfortable Rider’s Barding which is grafted by leatherworkers. This works the same as being in tank spec.

    Why the tanks get all the cool stuff? Rapid dungeon queues, LFR queues and not being dazed

    You can now run around the map without being dazed and slowed down. Furthermore with the enchant you can gather marrowroots while you are surrounded by hostiles because the looting time is so fast you can loot between mobs auto attacks. all while still mounted for that quick escape.

    Here is the first Marrowroot Farming route which i think you guys should see. Below you will find the import route for the image below I have optimised the route a little from the image below but mostly the same.

    Marrowroot Import Route Data into wow addon

    We have started exporting our farming routes ready for you import right into the game. Follow simple steps below to import.

    1. Install addons Routes & Routes import/export
    2. Find a farming route you want to use
    3. Above the image click ” Copy Route Data for Import to Addon
    4. Launch wow & when in game type /routes
    5. Routes settings will open in the menu click routes
    6. You will see a Import Window, click in the window
    7. on your keyboard press CTRL V
    8. Click Accept ALL DONE!

    Best Marrowroot Farm Updated (10/03/21) patch (9.0.5)

    This is now my best marrowroot farm location in maldraxxus, this route hits a lot of fast respawning herbs. there isn’t much fighting as long as you have a way to gather while mounted and your have the gathering enchant for your gloves. I have been running this route on my druid a lot that is maxed herbalism and max mining, however i turned tracking ore off because I wanted to focus on marrowroot farming.

    After one hour of farm here what I got

    Marrowroot – 162

    Death blossom – 145

    Nightshade – 26

    tahonta rare

    best marrowroot farm

    Updated Best Marrowroot Farm Spot (patch 9.0.2)

    This is by far the best marrowroot farm in Maldraxxus, However they are a few things you’ll need to be able use it. Ill list them below

    • You’ll need to be with the Necrolords Covenant
    • Complete The Better Part of Valor – This is a quest from the Necrolords covenant quest line, the reward for completing this is Acolyte’s Guise
    acolytes guide
    Acolyte’s Guise

    Even though the Guise is a toy and it’s account wide you can not use it on characters that are not pledged to Necrolords.

    Once your activate the guise all the mobs at House of Rituals will become friendly, apart from the seeing eyes which can see your if your in a 10 yard radius for more than 4 seconds, you can see there radius on the grounds it’s really easy to avoid. The amount of marrowroot that spawns there is incredible, because there so many mobs there people without the guise tend to give the area a wide birth.

    The Marrowroot farming here is not like any other place on the map the respawn rate is rapid you don’t have hostile mobs chasing you and the oxxein ore is very good also.

    I will not be uploading Routes import data for the farming route, the area is very small so it isn’t needed.

    Here is what I farmed after 1 hour

    • Marrowroot – 196
    • Oxxein Ore – 102
    • Death Blossom – 132
    • Nightshade – 19
    • Laestrite Ore – 89

    house rituals guise 1 marrowroot
    Marrowroot Farming House of Rituals
    Maldraxxus Marrotroot farming route
    marrowroot farming guide

    Marrowroot Farming Guide Route 2 Import

    Here is the second marrowroot farming guide that you can import to routes addon. I have gone over all the heaviest marrowroot spawn locations and avoided the awkward places and mods. To import click Copy route data for import to addon then paste the copy data into routes addon.

    marrowroot route 2

    Marrowroot Farming Hyper Spawn Route

    This will be patched act fast

    This bonus wow farming route is the one I use and will be patched soon. I recommend you use it while you can.

    It is a hyper spawn location but you will need mining in order to keep the spawns rolling. I strongly recommend you follow the perks above. Get the glove enchant, skygolem and either go into tanking spec or purchase the equipment for your mount.

    There are a few mobs  to look out for. They can easily overwhelm you if your not careful. They are also decent for farming Shrouded cloth, lightless silk farming and some items for the vendor.

    That being said let’s take a look, you will be running the small location highlighted below farming Marrowroot, Deathblossom and Laestrite Ore. When you gather something here another Ore or Herb instantly spawns or within a couple of seconds

    maldraxxus hyper spawn
    Marrowroot Hyper spawn Maldraxxus

    Marrowroot farming quick route

    This route isn’t mine, I don’t take credit, full credit goes to Minermonster from reddit you can check out the thread here gathering route. After testing it for 1 hour with mining this is what I managed to gather.

    • 113 [Oxxeine Ore]
    • 153 [Death Blossom]
    • 162 [Laestrite Ore]
    • 175 [Marrowroot]
    • 7 [Elethium Ore]
    • 9 [Nightshade]
    marrowroot 1

    Gathermate 2 Marrowroute Spawn Locations

    Taking a look at the gathermate 2 data for marrowroot in Maldraxxus. You can clearly see there are a lot of spawn locations. I have had some pretty good amounts of herbs from House of construct. However with us still only being able to use ground mounts it does make it a little hard to get around there and some of the mobs really hurt.

    Theater of pain looks good in theory from all of the nodes on the map but when I run it I never find much, maybe because its part of the quest line and a lot of players are in that zone.

    maldraxxus gathermate

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