Nightshade Farming Route Import

Welcome to our Nightshade farming guide. Here are the best places to gather nightshade in shadowlands (9.0.2) All of the routes below will be routes import enabled

Where can I farm nightshade in Shadowlands

Nightshade is normally found in the maw zone of shadowlands. It does spawn in all other zones of shadowlands, Bastion, Ardenweald, Revendreth and Maldraxxus. However when farming in other zones you only have below 5% chance for the herb node to spawn as nightshade herb.

Nightshade is the most sort after herb in the new shadowlands expansion, making gathering it a little tricky. I will go over everything you need to know in the post.

Where Can I Farm Herbs in Shadowlands

  • widowbloom s Widowbloom
  • vigilstorch s Vigil’s Torch
  • marrowroot s Marrowroot
  • risingglory s Rising Glory
  • deathblossom s e1613873588272 Death Blossom
  • nightshade s Nightshade
  • Unlocking The Maw

    In order to gather Nightshade in the maw you must first unlock the maw, if you have not done so already, here’s how to do it.

    you’ll need to have a level 60 Character, once you have hit max level and chosen your covenant. You must complete a questline below depending on your covenant. This questline will take you to The Maw where you can begin your gathering.

    Covenant campaign quests

    Mounting in the maw

    You can not mount in the maw, however there are alternatives to help.

    Druids have Travel Form that can be activated in The Maw and used as normal you can also gather while in travel

    Worgens Have a Racial which allows them to go on all fours, this can also be activated in the maw Running Wild

    • Mawsworn Outrider, you can ride the Bridled Shadehound This mount you can find while just running around the maw. You will find it mostly patrolling the pathways. The downside to this mount is it only lasts for 60 seconds and once you dismount it for any reason it will vanish. If someone nearby is killing Mawsworn rider then you will also be able to ride it.

    Shadowlands Gathering perks

    Herbalism farming perks you should be utilising to increase your nightshade gathering potential.

    Enchanting your gloves with Shadowlands gathering is a must in my eyes especially if your going to be doing quiet a lot of  gathering. It will help massively with nightshade farming because everything in the maw really wants to hurt you and if you don’t the enchant you will not be able to gather herbs between mobs auto attacks

    Herbalist’s Spade The second perk is something for players without max level herbalism, its a one time purchase and it just sits in your bags. Its increases your herbalism skill by 10 points, because the amount of herbs you gather is based on your skill level i recommend purchasing it.

    Best gathering mount for farming herbs

    SKYGOLEM mount if your not a druid with travel or worgen with running wild racial form then I recommend buying the sky golem for herb farming, although it cant be used in the maw you can use it in all other zones.

    How to stop being dazed while farming

    If the class you play as a tank spec then you should be activating tank spec. Don’t worry if your have never played it. The only reason to enter tank spec while farming is to remove the daze mobs give you when mounted. Keeping you moving at max speed.

    Nightshade Import Route Data into wow addon

    We have started exporting our farming routes ready for you import right into the game. Follow simple steps below to import.

    1. Install addons Routes & Routes import/export
    2. Find a farming route you want to use
    3. Above the image click ” Copy Route Data for Import to Addon
    4. Launch wow & when in game type /routes
    5. Routes settings will open in the menu click routes
    6. You will see a Import Window, click in the window
    7. on your keyboard press CTRL V
    8. Click Accept ALL DONE!

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    Nightshade Farming in The Maw Route 1 Import

    The first Farming route below is the friendlier one of nightshade farming, it avoids most of the nasty mobs and the elites. It’s still pretty hostile considering most of the farmers there can not mount up.

    Nighshade farming route import
    The Maw Nightshade Farming Route

    The Maw Nightshade route import

    This route is the bigger one for nightshade but its a lot more hostile. I only recommend this if you have the glove enchant shadowlands gathering and a mount to escape the mobs, druid form will also work really well for this.

    Nightshade farming route import
    Nightshade farming route import

    Nightshade farming in Maldraxxus

    Maldraxxus is another alright place to farm nightshade, however you will find more Death Blossom and Marrowroot than you will find nightshade. Bare this in mind that the spawn chance for nightshade is below 5% and for Deathblossom its around 40%

    Marrowroot route and Death blossom farming
    Marrowroot route and Death blossom farming

    Nightshade route import for Maldraxxus

    A bigger route for Maldraxxus if your not having much luck with the route above

    marrowroot farming routes import
    marrowroot farming routes import

    Nightshade farming in Bastion

    Bastion is overall the most pleasant place for nightshade farming in general. Again Rising glory is native to Bastion so you will be looting a lot more rising glory and death blossom that you will be looting nightshade. if you like the you can check out more Rising Glory Farming.

    rising glory farming route 1
    rising glory farming route 1

    Nightshade farming in Ardenweald

    Nightshade sharing a spawn location with all other herbs in shadowlands brings me to Ardenweald. A bit like Bastion its pleasant to farm here. While farming here you will gather more Vigil’s Torch and death blossom than you will nightshade so please bare that in mind.

    vigil's torch farming route for ardenweald
    vigil’s torch farming route for ardenweald

    Revendreth nightshade route import

    Nightshade gathering in Revendreth isnt recommend as its pretty hostile here and to many bridges and cliffs that just slow you down. However the reason I’m sharing it as nightshade route is because once flying as been released Revendreth could be a solid farming location. Widowbloom is native to Revendreth so you will gather more widowbloom and death blossom than nightshade. I have giving the less hostile route here. You click here to see more Widowbloom farming routes

    Copy Route Data for Import to Addon
    Widowbloom Farming Guide Revendreth

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