Phaedrum Ore Farming – routes import (Patch 9.0.2)

Welcome to my phaedrum Ore farming guide, in the guide I will be going over all the best routes in shadowlands to gather phaedrum Ore. Furthermore I will be export my data for all the routes for yoy to use in game.

Your feedback is important to me. I have tested all the routes before posting, however there are always hiccups. If you come across any please let me know so I correct it.

Where can I farm Phaedrum ore?

Phaedrum Ore is native to Ardenweald the Shadoelands zone it only spawns there. Vigil’s Torch is also native to Ardenweald if you are a miner and a herbalist you can gather herb while on the mining routes below, alternatively you can visit our Vigil’s Torch farming guide.

Where do you learn Shadowlands mining?

The halls of shape in oribos is where all the new trainers are located. The Mining trainer is in the center of the room stand next to the massive Furnace.

Shadowlands mining trainer location
Mining trainer location Shadowlands

Where Can I Farm Ore In Shadowlands

  • Phaedrum Ore – Ardenweald
  • Oxxein Ore – Maldraxxus
  • Laestrite Ore – All zones
  • Solenium Ore – Bastion
  • Sinvyr Ore – Revendreth
  • Elethium Ore – The maw & all zones

Shadowlands herb Zones & routes import data

  • widowbloom s Widowbloom – Revendreth
  • vigilstorch s Vigil’s Torch – Ardenweald
  • marrowroot s Marrowroot – Maldraxxus
  • risingglory s Rising Glory – Bastion
  • deathblossom s e1613873588272 Death Blossom – All Zones
  • Shadowlands gathering perks and what they do

    There are a few things we can do to make phaedrum Ore farming more pleasant.

    Shadowlands gathering enchant.

    Enchant Gloves – Shadowlands Gathering is the first perk we will be looking at as it increases the speed you actually loot the ore also works for herbs. You can purchase from the auction house for around 40 gold or craft it yourself with enchanting.

    Shadowlands being dazed while farming

    Being dazed while running the routes, so mobs have a chance to daze you when they strike you from behind slowing you down and maybe even dismounting. To stop this you should farm in tank spec if your class as a tank spec, alternatively you can purchase Comfortable Rider’s Barding. This is a equipment slot item for your mount. It stops you being dazed. It’s a 1 time purchase that slots to the mount for all characters.

    Phaedrum Ore farming – routes import data

    I have started exporting my farming routes ready for you import right into the game. Follow simple steps below to import. I will be writing a post about routes and importing/exporting in more detail.

    1. Install addons Routes & Routes import/export
    2. Find a farming route you want to use
    3. Above the image click ” Copy Route Data for Import to Addon
    4. Launch wow & when in game type /routes
    5. Routes settings will open in the menu click routes
    6. You will see a Import Window, click in the window
    7. on your keyboard press CTRL V
    8. Click Accept ALL DONE!

    Phaedrum Ore Route Import Higher Ardenweald Route – Import Data

    best place to farm Phaedrum ore. This one is a little more hostile, however the amount of ore on this route is on par with all the others in Ardenweald zone.

    Phaedrum ore farming route import
    Phaedrum ore route Ardenweald

    Phaedrum Ore farming lower ardenweald route – Import Data

    The first route for phaedrum Ore is the best in my testing. This route is fairly pleasant as I have made this route with avoiding mobs in mind. While still gathering a good amount on phaedrum Ore.

    ardenweald Phaedrum ore farming route lower

    Biggest Phaedrum Ore farm route – import data

    This route is by far my biggest route for phaedrum Ore farming it takes into account Ore quantity gathering if you have the glove enchant and can’t be dazed as well as half decent gear then this may be the route to best suit you.

    phaedrum ore farming route import

    Phaedrum Ore & Vigil’s Torch farming combined route

    If you have a character that you do all your herb and Ore gathering on like me then this might be a good route for you.

    I have combined phaedrum Ore farming and vigil’s torch farming into one route. This route hits all the high populated Ore and herbs spawns in ardenweald. I normally run this route for something to do while waiting for a dungeon queue etc.

    Vigil's Torch Farming
    Phaedrum Ore & Vigil’s Torch Farming

    If you have a request for a farming route or found a bug with one of the routes then please left a comment

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