Solenium Ore Farming – Routes Import

Welcome to my solenium Ore farming guide. In this guide I will going over all the best farming routes for solenium Ore. Aswell as showing the routes I will uploading route import data for you to directly copy them into routes addon.

Where do I farm Solenium ore?

Just like Rising glory, Solenium Ore is also native Bastion one of the new shadowlands zones and can only be farmed there with the Mining profession.

Where can I farm Ore in Shadowlands

Generally Ore nodes in shadowlands spawn near cliffs edges, rocky areas and higher points of the map terrain. Making gathering ores a bit tricky for zones like Revendreth and Maldraxxus.

Shadowlands Ores Farming Which Zones

Solenium Ore is native to Bastion, as many of the ores and herbs in shadowlands have a native zone. Take a look below for each ores native zone.

  • Phaedrum Ore – only spawns in Ardenweald
  • Oxxein Ore – only spawns in Maldraxxus
  • Laestrite Ore – spawns in All zones
  • Solenium Ore – only spawns in Bastion
  • Sinvyr Ore – only spawns in Revendreth
  • Elethium Ore – The maw & all zones

Shadowlands Mining Perks

Here are some perks and ability’s to consider will ore farming in shadowslands

Although you do dont stay in Druid travel form while mining ore nodes, the benefit to using a druid is still good because you can gather the node then instantly switch into travel form and be on your way, no cast time like regular mounting.

Glove Enchant for mining

Enchanting your gloves with Enchant Gloves – Shadowlands Gathering is a must in my eyes especially if your going to be doing quiet a lot of  gathering. It will help massively While fathering Solenium ore.

How to stop being dazed while farming

If the class you play as a tank spec then you should be activating tank spec. Don’t worry if your have never played it. The only reason to enter tank spec while farming is to remove the daze mobs give you when mounted. Keeping you moving at max speed, alternatively you can equip this to your mount slot Comfortable Rider’s Barding which is grafted by leatherworkers. This works the same as being in tank spec.

Where Do You Learn Shadowlands Mining

Mining can be learnt from the Mining profession trainer in oribos Excavationist Au’fer (39, 34), standing near the forge in the Hall of Shapes in Oribos.

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Mining Trainer location – Oribos, Shadowlands

Addons used while making this Farming Guide

These are the addons I used to create this guide. They can also be used for other gathering professions. If you want to import the farming routes then you will need to install routes & routes import/ export

  • Routes – Lets you create, edit, save routes, aswell as giving a display of the farming route over your mini map, main map and over your screen.
  • Routes import/export – is a extension of the core routes addon, allowing you to share your created routes or import already shared routes.
  • Gathermate2 – Gathermate is a node tracking addon it lets you track herbs, mines, fishing pools, gas clouds, archaeology finds and treasures. Displaying them on your mini map and big map. Once your loot a herb or ore that it doesn’t have data for it will automatically save it, allowing you to build a data base.

Solenium Ore Farming routes Import data into addon

We have started exporting our farming routes ready for you import right into the game. Follow simple steps below to import. I will be writing a post about routes and importing/exporting in more detail.

  1. Install addons Routes & Routes import/export
  2. Find a farming route you want to use
  3. Above the image click ” Copy Route Data for Import to Addon
  4. Launch wow & when in game type /routes
  5. Routes settings will open in the menu click routes
  6. You will see a Import Window, click in the window
  7. on your keyboard press CTRL V
  8. Click Accept ALL DONE!

Solenium Ore Route Import 1 – Bastion

This Route is amazing for Solenium ore, I also have route import data available for this route which you can copy below. This Route as some hostiles but most of the route is very calm.

Here what I got have 1 hour of solenium ore farming bare in mind i was also gathering herbs

  • Solenium Ore – 134
  • Laestrite Ore – 146
  • Elethium Ore – 4
Solenoim ore Farming Route import
Solenium Ore Map

Solenium ore farming route 2

This route is a little bigger than the previous one, Hitting all the heavy spawn locations. It’s also very good if you also have herbalism, you can farm a lot of rising glory on this route, Or check out my Rising Glory Farming route.

  • Solenium Ore – 134
  • Laestrite Ore – 146
  • Elethium Ore – 5
solenium ore Farming route 2
Solenium ore map

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