Ultimate Vigil’s Torch Farming Guide – Routes Import (9.0.2)

Below I have together all of the best Vigil’s Torch Farming routes import. I have tested all of the routes below and just want to share them with you guys to help out the community gathering herbs. Gathering herbs in Shadowlands as changed a little from previous expansions. The amount of herbs you gather depends on your herbalism skill level. For example if your herbalism skill level is 20 you might only gather 2 herbs, however if your herbalism skill is maxed your might loot anywhere between 4-7 Herbs at a time.

Where do I farm Virgil’s torch?

Native to Ardenweald Vigil’s Torch can only be farmed there, Please note when gathering Vigils torch you will also be looting Death Blossom and Nightshade. Death Blossom shares a spawn location with all other herbs in shadowlands. Death blossom also as a 45% chance to spawn in the location of the herb native to the zone.

Where do I learn Shadowlands Herbalism

To learn Herbalism in Shadowlands travel to Oribos and speak with Selector Au’mar (40,39). The trainers located in The Halls of Shape. All the new Profession trainers for shadowlands are located here in the Halls of Shape.

shadowlands herbalism trainer location
Ultimate Vigil's Torch Farming Guide - Routes Import (9.0.2) 14

Where can I Farm Herbs in Shadowlands

You can farm herbs in all the new Shadowlands zones. However most of the herbs in Shadowlands have a native zone they only spawn in. Below is a list of herbs and there native zones.

  • widowbloom s Widowbloom
  • vigilstorch s Vigil’s Torch
  • marrowroot s Marrowroot
  • risingglory s Rising Glory
  • deathblossom s e1613873588272 Death Blossom
  • nightshade s Nightshade
  • Ways to boost your Herb farming

    Sky Golem This is the best Mount in the game for farming. It increases your ground speed by 100% and allows you to gather without dismounting. Combine this with Enchant Gloves – Shadowlands Gathering and your a herb gathering machine.

    Now gathering Vigil’s Torch in Ardenweald isn’t so bad. If your a Druid you can loot in travel form so no need for the skygolem.

    Last but not least if the class that you farm with as a tank spec. You should activate tank spec while farming this will stop you from getting dazed. While half on ardenwelad chases you. alternatively you can equip this to your mount slot Comfortable Rider’s Barding which is grafted by leatherworkers. This works the same as being in tank spec.

    Why the tanks get all the cool stuff? Rapid dungeon queues, LFR queues and not being dazed

    You can now run around the map Vigil’s Torch Farming without being dazed and slowed down. Furthermore with the enchant you can gather Rising Glory while you are surrounded by hostiles because the looting time is so fast you can loot between mobs auto attacks. all while still mounted for that quick escape.

    Import Vigil’s Torch route import data into wow addon

    We have Vigil’s Torch farming routes ready for you to import right into the game. Follow simple steps below to import.

    1. Install addons Routes & Routes import/export
    2. Find a farming route you want to use
    3. Above the image click ” Copy Route Data for Import to Addon
    4. Launch wow & when in game type /routes
    5. Routes settings will open in the menu click routes
    6. You will see a Import Window, click in the window
    7. on your keyboard press CTRL V
    8. Click Accept ALL DONE!

    WoW Vigil’s Torch Farming – Routes Import #wow

    Updated Vigils Torch farming (08/03/21)

    Vigils Torch Farming Route With Data Import

    After leveling my druid only by gathering ores and herbs I started looking into the Vigils torch farming routes and noticed, all the routes made here run through some high populated mobs areas. so I made this route and it seems to work a treat its a bit smaller than the others but very rewarding. great route for leveling alts, not much fighting involved, at TIRNA VAAL where the route goes straight it’s more of a route reset and runs through a lot of mobs.

    vigils torch farming route import

    Here is the biggest route in Ardenweald for vigils torch farming, I recommend flying to flight master at Glitterfall Basin and start this route from there. on this route you will also Farm Death blossom, nightshade and Phaedrum Ore if your also a miner, Phaedrum Ore is native to ardenweald

    vigil's torch farming route for ardenweald
    vigil’s torch farming route for ardenweald

    Vigil’s Torch farming Route Import 2

    This route is a little more laid back for you guys, However its still an amazing route. I have also edited it to zigzag more in higher herb populated areas instead of just running across the middle of them, this should eliminate missing herbs that are just outside the mini map range.This Vigil’s Torch Farming route can be imported into game using Routes addon

    vigils torch route 2
    Vigil’s Torch route import

    Vigil’s Torch Farming – Lower Ardenweald Routes Import

    This vigil’s torch route import is mainly for the lower part of Ardenweald, However I have extended it to reach near Tirna Vaal because there are many spawns there and if there is a lot of farmers then you might get lucky and hit a big group of Vigil’s Torch spawns.

    vigil's torch route import

    Vigil’s Torch & Phaedrum Ore Farming Routes Import

    This is for people that use one chartacter to gather herbs and ores, like myself. Ardenweald as Vigil’s Torch and Phaedrum ore Native to it, so it would make sense to have a farming route that combines herbs and ores in the same route, right?. I would recommend starting this route from Root-home Flightmaster.

    vigil's torch route import

    Vigil’s Torch Farming guide Conculsion

    I have tested all the routes above they all work great for me and the yield is awesome, However with the routes have only been tested by myself i would love to hear feed back from anyone testing them. Getting the imported routes ironed out will be much easier with your feedback.

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