Best Widowbloom Farming Guide – Route Import (Patch 9.0.2)

Widowbloom Farming Guide import revendreth

In this post I will be going over all the best widowbloom farming spots in the new shadowlands expansion. I’ll also give you guys the routes import data to load them directly into routes addon. Overall revendreth isnt the best place for gathering, its pretty hostile, full of cliffs and bridges. until we can fly in shadowlands gathering widowbloom in revendreth is one of my least favorite routes in all shadowlands.

Where can I farm Widowbloom in Shadowlands?

Widowbloom is native to Revendreth, the new zone in shadowlands and can only be farmed there. However you can gather widowbloom with a herbalsim skill of 1. Your skill level determines the amount you gather. For example if you have a herbalism skill level of 20 you might only loot 2 widowblooms but if you have a maxed herbalism skill you might loot between 4 and 7. This makes it very important to max out herbalism quickly to increase the amount you farm.

Revendreth Farming locations

If your looking for other farming locations in Revendreth then, Revendreth as the best shrouded cloth farming and lightless silk farming locations in Shadowlands.

Where can I Farm Herbs in Shadowlands

You can farm herbs in all the new Shadowlands zones. However most of the herbs in Shadowlands have a native zone they only spawn in. Below is a list of herbs and there native zones.

  • widowbloom s Widowbloom
  • vigilstorch s Vigil’s Torch
  • marrowroot s Marrowroot
  • risingglory s Rising Glory
  • deathblossom s e1613873588272 Death Blossom
  • nightshade s Nightshade
  • Ways to boost your Herb farming

    Sky Golem This is the best Mount in the game for farming. It increases your ground speed by 100% and allows you to gather without dismounting. Combine this with Enchant Gloves – Shadowlands Gathering and your a herb gathering machine.

    Now gathering Widowbloom in Revendreth isn’t so bad. If your a Druid you can loot in travel form so no need for the skygolem.

    Last but not least if the class that you farm with as a tank spec. You should activate tank spec while farming, this will stop you from getting dazed. While half of Maldazzus chases you. alternatively you can equip this to your mount slot Comfortable Rider’s Barding which is grafted by leatherworkers. This works the same as being in tank spec.

    Why the tanks get all the cool stuff? Rapid dungeon queues, LFR queues and not being dazed

    You can now run around the map widowbloom farming without being dazed and slowed down. Furthermore with the enchant you can gather Rising Glory while you are surrounded by hostiles because the looting time is so fast you can loot between mobs auto attacks. all while still mounted for that quick escape.

    Widowbloom Farming routes Import data into addon

    We have started exporting our farming routes ready for you import right into the game. Follow simple steps below to import. I will be writing a post about routes and importing/exporting in more detail.

    1. Install addons Routes & Routes import/export
    2. Find a farming route you want to use
    3. Above the image click ” Copy Route Data for Import to Addon
    4. Launch wow & when in game type /routes
    5. Routes settings will open in the menu click routes
    6. You will see a Import Window, click in the window
    7. on your keyboard press CTRL V
    8. Click Accept ALL DONE!

    Widowbloom Route Import UPDATED (09/03/21)

    Widowbloom is one of the hardest hers to gather, however this little gem of a route i have to date it’s perfect for, leveling avoiding mobs and the respawn rates here are the best in Revendreth. My druid is level 57, levelled only from farming herbs and ores and this route was perfect for him. i also got 2 world quests on this route that where mainly gathering items and freeing wolfs from traps which i could complete while gathering herbs for the extra exp and gear.

    when running this route turns off tracking ores and also turned them off via Gathermate, i wanted to focus only on farming Widowbloom for the flasks and potion. After 1 hour here I gathered

    widowbloom route import

    Widowbloom farming route 1 import

    Here is the first Widowbloom farming route. this one is as pleasant as it could be in Revendreth, its not the best place to gather with all the cliffs and bridges. However this is my go to route for widowbloom. I didnt include Dominance Keep (top left) simply because its full of elites, its not bad if you have skygolem with shadowlands gatheing enchant and decent gear.

    Widowbloom Farming import data #wow

    widowbloom farming import 1
    Widowbloom Farming Route import

    Friendlier Widowbloom Farming Route – import data below

    This route is not as hostile as the previous one, however I would recommend you use skygolem and glove enchant.

    Copy Route Data for Import to Addon
    widowbloom import route 2
    windowbloom routes import

    Gathering Widowbloom when flying is released

    When flying is released for shadowlands I will be looking into gathering in Revendreth in a bit more detail and more than likely be updating the routes. gathering with ground mounts only in Revendreth is hard work.

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