Lightless silk farming Guide (updated 2021)

revendreth shrouded cloth farming

Just like shrouded cloth farming for lightless silk farming you will be farming humanoid NPCs. Most of the mobs in this guide have a chance to drop between 1-5 lightless silk per kill Making sure to utilise the Tailoring perk shadowlands cloth scavenging. Having the tailoring profession will increase the amount farmed by up to … Read more

Shrouded Cloth Farming guide (9.0.2) Epic BoE

Ardenweald shrouded cloth farming location

Here I’m going to dive into 5 of the best places in the new shadowlands expansion. to bring you the best shrouded cloth farming locations. you can follow this cloth farming guide while levelling or at max level 60. Two of the farming spots have a chance to drop Epic BOE items which sell on … Read more

Riverbud Farming – Quickest Farming Routes (8.1.5) Updated

inv blacksmith demonsteelstirrups

Welcome to my Riverbud WoW Farming Guide, I have been testing a few routes to find which is the best location to use, After some farming in different zone here’s what I found. Farming Riverbud around waters edge, For example, Around the Coast line or following rivers are your best places to be searching. Gathering riverbud … Read more

How to fix League of Legends error code 002

disk cleanup fix LOL error 002

League of Legends is a complex game and sometimes errors do occur. Error 002 usually occurs when players don’t have enough free space to download the latest patches.As a quick reminder, you need at least 8GB of free space on the drive where LOL is installed in order to download and install game updates.However, there are many … Read more