Shadowlands routes import – All herb

If you have a gathering profession then you have probably heard of the addon routes. It allows world of warcraft players to share gathering routes via copy and pasting data into the addon If you already have routes installed then you have definitely felt the struggle of finding decent routes to import. In this post … Read more

Best Widowbloom Farming Guide – Route Import (Patch 9.0.2)

Widowbloom Farming Guide import revendreth

In this post I will be going over all the best widowbloom farming spots in the new shadowlands expansion. I’ll also give you guys the routes import data to load them directly into routes addon. Overall revendreth isnt the best place for gathering, its pretty hostile, full of cliffs and bridges. until we can fly … Read more

Death Blossom Farming Routes Patch 9.0.2 (Updated 2021)

Ardenweald vigil's torch and death blossom farming route

Below I have put together some of the best Death blossom Farming routes in World of Warcraft shadowlands Patch (9.0.2). In the post I will be going over the best farming routes for deathblossom in all the zones. Where can I Farm Herbs in Shadowlands You can farm herbs in all the new Shadowlands zones. … Read more

Lightless silk farming Guide (updated 2021)

revendreth shrouded cloth farming

Just like shrouded cloth farming for lightless silk farming you will be farming humanoid NPCs. Most of the mobs in this guide have a chance to drop between 1-5 lightless silk per kill Making sure to utilise the Tailoring perk shadowlands cloth scavenging. Having the tailoring profession will increase the amount farmed by up to … Read more

Shrouded Cloth Farming guide (9.0.2) Epic BoE

Ardenweald shrouded cloth farming location

Here I’m going to dive into 5 of the best places in the new shadowlands expansion. to bring you the best shrouded cloth farming locations. you can follow this cloth farming guide while levelling or at max level 60. Two of the farming spots have a chance to drop Epic BOE items which sell on … Read more