Tailoring Guide Shadowlands

Tailoring Guide 1-100 Shadowlands

Welcome to Our Shadowlands Tailoring guide. here we have put together the easiest and most cost effective Guide to level Tailoring to 100.

Clothing Farming Guides To Level Tailoring

I also put together cloth farming guides to help for you guys.

Lightless silk Farming  I Farmed here, within 20 minutes I gathered enough cloth to level tailoring to Max and craft 7 legendaries to sell on the auction house. Furthermore I crafted 300 green bracers to mail to my alt for disenchanting.  This was my result after 1:30 hours.

Alternatively you can check out some of the Shrouded cloth farming guides. Some you can use will leveling that don’t use group finder.

Shadowlands Tailoring Trainer Location Oribos

Stitcher Au’phes is the new Tailoring Trainer for Shadowlands Located in Oribos in the Halls Of Shape.

you can visit him to learn tailoring, Remember to Purchase Shadowlands Cloth Scavenging  If you haven’t already. you actually need to Purchase this Perk.

the Tailoring Vendor is located to your rear if you are facing the trainer. He is called Distributor Au’tem.

tailoring guide trainer
Tailoring Trainer Shadowlands
What you'll need to level

Please take this with a pinch of salt, this is estimated only and may differ a little for you in game. For Example when you are grafting items they may turn yellow or green. This means you have a less chance to go up a point with tailoring.

You may go on a bad run and craft 5 green items without gaining a point.

550 x Shrouded Cloth

80 x Lightless Silk

170 x Penumbra Thread

You can Purchase Penumbra Thread from the new tailoring vendor in oribos 9 gold each. alternatively if you are trying to save gold you can buy them from Stormwind or orgrimmar. tailor vendors at 7 gold each depending on your reputation.

Tailoring Level: 1-15

quantity: x 17

Item: Shrouded Cloth Bandage

1 shrouded cloth each to craft.

The recipes goes green at level 15 but because it’s so cheap you

Ok so for the first few points in tailoring you can craft Shrouded cloth bandage

Tailoring Level: 15-31

Quantity: x 8

Item: Shrouded Cloth Cape

Tailoring Level: 31-37

Quantity: x 2

Item: Shrouded Cloth Hood

Tailoring Level: 37-52

Quantity: x 5

Item: Shrouded Cloth Spaulders

Tailoring Level: 52-65 

Quantity: x 20

Item: Heavy Shrouded Bandage 

Tailoring Level: 65-71

Quanitiy: x3

Item: Shadowlace Cord

Tailoring Level: 71-75

Make: x 4

Item: Shadowlace Handwraps

Tailoring Level: 75-87

Quantity: x 4

Item: Shadowlace Cowl

Tailoring Level: 87-90

Quantity: x 1

Item: Shadowlace Tunic

Tailoring Level: 90-96

Quantity: x 2

Item: Shadowlace Trousers

Tailoring Level: 96-10

Quantity: x 2

Item: Shadowlace Mantle