Wow Aoe farming deepholm

I cool place to aoe farming for lots of embersilk cloth, remember to use a potion of treasure finding.This is also a brilliant place to farm exp for lower levels. You have the chance to loot a tiny treasure chest which contains gold and other random objects like volatiles or more embersilk cloths . farming … Read more

World of warcraft MOP official trailer

Mist of pandaria is coming fast , are you getting excited? I have heard many different opinions about mop some saying it will be the end of WoW others saying they will quit wow. but really who knows i remember then cata was being released and everyone was saying the same thing. wow mop To … Read more

amani battle bear world of warcraft

This new World of Warcraft mount was released into the game from the new expansion cataclysm, it’s a very cool mount. And a lot of people are wanting to know how to get hold of it. I was one of the first characters in my realm to be riding around on the Amani battle bear. … Read more

wow farming top selling items

If you’re like me, then you probably want to make lots of gold when you’re playing World of Warcraft to buy all the shiny things. But the worst thing about this is the countless amount of trips you do from the auction house to the mailbox to get items that didn’t sell to relist them. … Read more

Skinning in Twilight Highlands

Wow farming in Twilight Highlands for leather is much easier that people make out. Let’s have a quick look at this video and lets earn some gold. If your looking for my farming locations then take a look around the website we have plently gold making locations and the best locations to farm for certain … Read more