Icethorn Farming Route

To farm Icethorn we will be heading over to The Storm Peaks and following the same route to farm for lichbloom on your journey you should find many lichbloom and many Icethorn along with some ore veins. To be able to farm Icethorn you will need a Herablism skill of 435 this herbs also drop … Read more

best place to farm frost lotus

Frost Lotus can be farming from Wintegrasp along with other herbs and minerals are found here.This is a pretty rare herbs and a pain to farm it can also be farmed from ulduar but has very low spawns rate. When farming this herb you have a chance to loot Deadnettle and Crystallized Life and will … Read more

Stormvine farming route

Stormvine can be a tricky herb to gather as it doesn’t spawn a lot in one certain place but we did test all the locations we know it spawns and test them to see which was the most rewarding and it turned out to be Mount Hyjal compared to the other locations Abyssal Depths, Shimmering … Read more

Lichbloom farming route

Lichbloom is a commonly farmed herb From Lich King content can drop Crystallized Life and Frost Lotus when farmed. The most Common area to farm this herb is The Storm Peaks which offers many more herbs and minerals to be farmed on this route.Lichbloom can also be gathered from Different place such as Icecrown, Wintergrasp … Read more

Cinderbloom farming spot

Cinderbloom is the most common Cata herbs it can be farming from many different places the most popular being Deepholm as it spawns In numbers there it can also be looted from Twilight Highlands, Mount Hyjal, Uldum Tol Barad Peninsula and Tol Barad. But Deepholm is the Place we have been most successful with if … Read more

Azshara’s Veil farming route

Azshara’s Veilis most commonly found in Shimmering Expanse but it also can be found in Tol Barad Peninsula, Abyssal Depths, Kelp’Thar Forest and Mount Hyjal we check all the locations above and found Shimmering expanse the best place to farm Azshara’s. To be able to loot this  herb you will need a Heralism skill of … Read more

best place to farm adder’s tongue

No doubt the best place in the whole of world of warcraft to farm Adder’s Tongue is Sholazar basin compared to the other two locations Gundrak and Drak’Tharon Keep this location is 100 times better and offers more rewards and many other different herbs. To be able to farm for Adder’s Tongue you will need … Read more

Talandra’s Rose Farming

To farm this herb we will be heading to Zul’Drak where the herb spawns the most compaired to the other locations DragonBlight, Drak’Tharon Keep, Grizzly Hills and Gundrak. To able to Loot this herb you will need a herbalism skill of 385 and a flying mount is recommended to stay out of trouble from the … Read more

Tiger Lily Farming WoW

The best location to farm tiger lily as got to be Sholazar Basic around lakes is where this herb will spawns and if you get a good run you will sells this for some serious gold and become rich like me. You will need a skill of 375 to be able to farm this herb. … Read more