Mana Thistle Where to farm

Here is a herb thats a pain to find but we have the best location to date. this herb spawns most in Terokkar Forest but only in small areas and little spawns.Terokkar Forest as 2 little areas which this herb spawns in the first being far west and the second being far east which makes … Read more

Nightmare Vine Gathering Outlands

He is another route from Outlands to farm Nightmare Vine in ShadowMoon Valley this route is one of my old routes which is still going strong never found a place to better it alot of spawns here compaired to the other 2 locations Blade’s Edge Mountains and Hellfire Peninsule. You will need a herbalism skills … Read more

Netherdust Bush Gather Location

This herb can only be found in one part of Outlands called shadowmoon valley it as a very high spawn rate here in a small area the place you will be Farming the herb is a floating island located near The Black Temple.This herb needs a skill of 350 to be looted a flying mount … Read more

Netherbloom Farming Locations Outlands

This herb can be farmed from 2 main areas the highest and most rewarding being Netherstorm here you will be island hopping to get the most possible Spawns.The second place to farm this would be The Botanica but we are not going to be looking at this Area today.Netherstorn is a bunch of Islands floating … Read more

Ancient Lichen Where to Farm

This herb can be found in many places but we are going to talk about the place it is found the most. Mainly Found in instances the herb can be a good money maker for you. If your a rogue then you can just enter underbog and Stealth around without fighting mobs to be able … Read more

flame cap gathering

here is a little of a route to gather some Flame Cap herbs you will be In Zangarmarsh to be able to get the best drop rate for this herb. this also spawns in The Slave Pens, The Steamvault and The Underbog.You will need a Herbalism farming skill of 335 to be able to loot … Read more

wow ragveil farming

Here is a spot we put together for you guys to farm ragveil to be able to loot this herb you will need a herbalism skill of 325A flying mount is advised as this spot as two main areas to farming in Zangarmarsh so your not going to be running all over. This herb also … Read more

Dreaming glory farming spots

If your looking to farm some dreaming glory today then we can help you find a location that as the best spawn rating in the game. To farm this herb you will need a Herbalism skill of 315 a mount is also every good as it speed up it all up.The farming spot is located … Read more